Pre-planning can be as simple as jotting down your preferences and letting a close family member or friend know where the list is located, to making specific decisions and/or paying in advance.

When considering the emotional and financial stress a funeral can bring on our families, planning in advance becomes a considerate and reasonable thing to do. Similar to the protection that life insurance provides your loved ones, planning a funeral in advance can protect loved ones from much more than just financial concerns. With the large number of options and considerations available today, we can educate and give guidance so that you can determine the arrangements that best suite your needs, helping you find a balance between the emotional, spiritual and financial needs of your surviving loved ones.

Examples of decisions you can make in advance…

  • Write down biographical information (family, work history, memberships, hobbies, etc.) that could be used to write an obituary
  • Decide on Burial or Cremation and your casket or urn type
  • Pick what type of service you want (religious, military, non-traditional)
  • Designate a minister or speaker and pallbearers
  • Pick out music or readings you want at your service

A good place to start the process of pre-planning is our Personal Planning Guide. This guide has an extensive list of things to consider and is a great place to begin jotting down notes.