Laurel Oak Cemetery is located on the southwest side of Windsor. It is a well-kept and very beautiful cemetery. It's artistic layout and towering oak trees make Laurel Oak the most interesting and unusual active cemetery in Henry County.

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In 1838, John Taylor, son of Major William Taylor of the Continental Army, came to Missouri and settled on what is now section 17 Windsor Township. His brother, Richard Ferguson Taylor along with his sister Caroline V.J. and husband Dr. William T. Thornton and family, came to the same area around 1839. In 1842 Richard Ferguson Taylor married Ann Fitzhugh and in 1853 he purchased the land where the new town of Bellmont would soon be located. He opened the first store there in 1853. Richard was the first postmaster, served as city justice and held the office of mayor for several years. The name of the city was later changed to Windsor. The land for Laurel Oak Cemetery was purchased in 1872 and was laid out by J.H. Knapp. An older cemetery existed between what is now Smith and Hudson Streets, just west of Farrington Park. All of these graves were moved into the newly formed Laurel Oak Cemetery and placed on the east side of the road inside the first gate. When this area was filled a section across the road was added and more land to the south of the old part was laid out in curves and circles.