The joy of living means different things to different people. A funeral or memorial service should celebrate the life style, relationships, and memories of your loved one. 

Below are several resources to help you begin thinking about the options available to you.

Ways To Honor

Honoring a life means acknowledging and showing respect for the individuality of the person and their unique life path. 

Two Considerations

We will guide you through two simple principles that will help you arrive at the decisions that are just right for you.

Types of Services

A ceremony after the death of a loved one is an important part of the healing process.

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Considering Cremation

Choosing cremation doesn't remove the need for support and someone to walk you through the options.

Making Your Selections Simple

Arrangements for any type of service can be created by itemizing from our General Price List. 

A Place To Remember

When the services are over, having a dedicated place to find comfort can make all the difference.