"Tommy Bowen Home"
The earliest photo of the building was taken April 18, 1915 while the front porch was still under construction. It is commonly thought the house remained a residence until the late 1920's when it became a home for funerals.
Taken January 18, 1937, this photo carries the description "Austin Funeral Home" and was the first funeral home in Windsor to be housed at the current 405 E. Benton Street address. At this time, the porch was still open.

These interior photos are not dated, but they are assumed to have been taken after becoming a funeral home (note the office furniture). The beautiful architecture featuring ornate columns and staircase are features still enjoyed today.
Huston-Turner Funeral Home
By at least March of 1941, the funeral home was known as Huston-Turner Funeral Home. Ellis Huston came home from college when his father died in 1928 and began to help his mother run the business. The name Turner was added because of William Turner who was an employee. Though William was never a partner, his name was added because he was a great asset to the business. 

Ellis and his wife Pauline were the owners until 1966 when Bob and Gayle Hadley moved to Windsor from St. Joseph, Missouri, and purchased the funeral home.
Hadley Funeral Home
Bob and Gayle had two children when they arrived in Windsor, Bruce (6), and Susan (2).

For the next 32 years, Bob and Gayle served the community of Windsor with honesty and integrity, helping countless families.

In Loving Memory
Robert W. Hadley
Most Recent Addition
Added in October of 2003, the Portico on the north side of our building can be accessed by the parking lot or the Benton street driveway. It provides covered family parking and a dry entrance during inclement weather.