October is breast cancer awareness month. This mark on the calendar reminds us to think about the impact of breast cancer and all types of cancer. The effect is far-reaching on those who suffer with the disease and the family members and friends who walk with them during diagnosis and treatment, looking optimistically toward recovery and remission.

Following are some helpful tips for giving yourself and your loved ones the best fighting chance against cancer so you can enjoy life and live better.

Exercise can reduce your risk of cancer by helping you maintain a healthy body weight. Find an activity you already enjoy and make it more physical. Exercise doesn’t have to be on a treadmill or at a fitness center. An active lifestyle can give you an advantage over cancer and leave you feeling better as a whole!

Discovering cancer early will give you the best chance for successful treatment. Regular screenings and self-exams are the key to discovering various types of cancer including skin, colon, prostate, cervical and breast. Talk with your doctor to discover what kind of screening will be best for you. Take cancer prevention into your own hands, starting today. 

Challenge yourself to add one new cancer-fighting food to your diet each week. Brussels sprouts, kale, turnips, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, blueberries, cherries, cranberries, pomegranates, mushrooms, salmon, cod, haddock, mackerel, sardines and other nutrient-rich foods help us achieve optimal health for our whole body . . . and you might discover a new favorite food along the way! 

Stop cancer before it starts by being good to yourself. Strive to eat healthy, maintain a positive outlook, get adequate rest, and make time for fun. As a result, you’ll feel better, look better, and keep stress away. It’s not easy, but why wait for a cancer diagnosis to make positive health changes? Start now, reduce your risk, and enjoy the best life has to offer today!